Young Smiles

Young Smiles

Young Smiles

Our young patients are just as important to us as their parents. Between soccer practices, pizza parties, and peer pressure, there's a lot more to consider with growing teeth than dental hygiene alone!

From cool custom sports guards in team colours to style-inspired elastics for braces - we strive to meet our young patients' needs during this very critical time in their development. Our youngest patients are rewarded with a trip to the Treasure Tooth at the conclusion of each visit, while all of our Young Smiles are provided with a yummy variety of fluoride treatments in flavours ranging from chocolate to grape!

At the Richmond Village Dental Centre, Parents and Gaurdians can rest assured their family is receiving the best dental care possible in a proactive and nurturing environment.

If we wouldn't suggest it for our own family ...we won't suggest it for yours!

Some of the youth and child dental services we offer include:
  • Cleanings and Dental Hygiene Instruction
  • Fillings
  • Braces
  • Custom sports guards
  • *NEW* Teen Invisalign!


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