Today's braces no longer resemble the medieval torture devices of just a few short decades ago! Medical and technological advancements have greatly improved the procedures required for straightening teeth. From colored braces for kids to invisible appliances for adults, orthodontics for your family is finally something you can all really smile about!

Why straighten teeth?

  • Straighter teeth can greatly improve the overall look ...and health of your mouth!
  • Properly positioned teeth are easier to maintain and clean which, in turn, can lead to fewer chances for tooth decay and gum disease. In some instances, straighter teeth can improve speech impediments and improve bite alignment for better chewing.
  • Properly aligned teeth place less stress on the supporting bone and jaw joints therefore decreasing abnormal wear and risk for dental trauma.
  • Straighter teeth can greatly increase confidence in how you look and feel!

Child and Youth Orthodontics:  Richmond Village Dental is a  family focused practice which specializes in child and youth orthodontics. Call us for an assessment and treatment options.

Adult Orthodontics: From traditional braces to state-of-the-art invisible Aligners from Invisalign, we can give you the smile you are looking for - ask us how!



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