Implants and Dentures

Implants and Dentures

Implants and Dentures

Do you have a loose or ill-fitting denture? There is something that your dentist can do to help fix this problem. Mini implants are one way that loose dentures can be stabilized. Mini implants are link screws that are inserted into your jawbone and they then connect to your denture to prevent movement. Mini implants can be used to stabilize upper and lower dentures and partial dentures.

The denture is adjusted so that it can be connected to the implants and through this connection stability is provided. If your current denture is in good condition and is fairly new then it may be able to be used in connection with the implants. However, if the denture is in poor condition or if they are ill fitting then a new denture may have to be made.

The implants are made of titanium alloy and are very small in diameter (1.8mm wide). These smaller implants (regular implants are 3mm to 7mm wide) require less bone width and therefore are ideal for denture wearing patients whose bone has receded over the years. The length of the implant ranges from 6mm to 18mm depending on what is needed for each individual patient.

The implants are inserted in one appointment that lasts about an hour with a minimally invasive procedure. Three or four implants are inserted into the lower jawbone (for lower dentures; the placement of the implants is different for upper dentures or partial dentures). They are inserted directly through the gum tissue and therefore post surgical irritation and soreness is reduced since a flap procedure is not done. If the denture has already been adjusted for the implants the denture can be place immediately.

There is a short adjustment period where one adapts to removing and replacing the denture. However, care for the implant after surgery is very similar to regular denture wearing patient routine. In the morning and evening before bed, the gums and implant area should be brushed. You can choose to sleep with the denture in or take it our before bed.

Implants are a great way to keep dentures fitting well. Mini implants can also be used to stabilize most parietal dentures. Mini implants have a high degree of success (about 90% in most cases). If you would like to find out more about getting implants to stabilize your denture and the cost, please ask the dentists for more information.


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